HP-19-5V-4-74A Pin-Laptop-Adapter

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Brand    GROW WIN

Input     100-240V, 50-60Hz

Output 90W 19V 4.74A

DC connector     4.8*1.7mm(bullet)

Scope of application       suitable for HP

Compatible with Part Number

AP.A1003.003 AP.T1903.002 LC.ADT01.007 90-N6EPW2000 90-N6EPW2010 F5104A 310-1958 7U870 FPCAC51 (FPCAC51AP) FPCAC57 (FPCAC57AP) FPSCA01 LSE0202A2090 0220A18206 (SLS0220A18206) 0220A1890 (SLS0220A1890) 0220A1990 106827 2521997R 6500519 6500591 6500693 65007

DC cable length 1.5M

Product size       127*50*31(mm)

Weight 290G

HP-19-5V-4-74A Pin-Laptop-Adapter