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Buy Hikvision PTZ IP Cameras in Kenya at the best Prices

PTZ IP Cameras network cameras use pan, tilt, and zoom to provide wide-area coverage as well as fine detail with a single camera. The ability to zoom in and out allows for verification of detected security events. As a result, maximum protection is provided at the lowest possible cost.

The cameras have a variety of intelligent features and can automatically move between pre-set positions and zoom in in response to detected events. They can also be easily integrated with other cameras in a system.

Our PTZ network camera for sale in Kenya portfolio includes models that are extremely durable and suitable for the harshest environments and climates. Buy HikVision PTZ IP Cameras from Rapidtech Digital Solutions Hikvision PTZ IP Cameras shop and have them shipped to your doorstep.

KSh51,800 Exc. VAT
KSh38,400 Exc. VAT
KSh62,400 Exc. VAT
KSh18,200 Exc. VAT
KSh35,000 Exc. VAT
KSh5,500 Exc. VAT
KSh25,000 Exc. VAT
KSh40,000 Exc. VAT