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Buy Security Accessories in Nairobi, Kenya at the Best Prices

Buy security accessories from Rapidtech Digital Solutions security shop Kenya. We have a huge collection of security accessories such Access Control Keypads, IR Illuminators, Surveillance Camera Cables, Alarm cable, Power supply units, batteries, BNC, Sestic Glue, BNC, DC Power connectors, Panels, Siren Kit among others.

Contact us today to place your order of security accessories and have them shipped to your doorstep at the best prices in Kenya.

KSh7,500 Exc. VAT
KSh9,000 Exc. VAT
KSh5,500 Exc. VAT
KSh4,500 Exc. VAT

Security Accessories

Aluminium Door magnet

KSh800 Exc. VAT
KSh1,500 Exc. VAT
KSh3,500 Exc. VAT
KSh2,000 Exc. VAT
KSh4,000 Exc. VAT
KSh14,000 Exc. VAT
KSh25,000 Exc. VAT