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Buy Patch Panels Online in Kenya at the best Prices

Buy Cat 5 and  Cat 6 RJ-45 UTP Patch Panel from Rapidtech Digital Solutions. These patch panels are certified for 250Mhz Category 6, which are perfect for Copper Gigabit Ethernet connections.  16/24/48-port Cat 6 Patch Panels are ideal for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Copper Gigabit.

Buy patch panels online in Kenya from our Rapidtech Digital Solutions patch panel shop. We have a variety of patch panels for sale in Kenya at the best prices.

KSh16,500 Exc. VAT
KSh8,000 Exc. VAT
KSh4,200 Exc. VAT
KSh6,600 Exc. VAT
KSh8,500 Exc. VAT
KSh13,000 Exc. VAT
KSh4,000 Exc. VAT
KSh9,000 Exc. VAT
KSh10,500 Exc. VAT
KSh5,500 Exc. VAT
KSh46,000 Exc. VAT
KSh5,000 Exc. VAT